Top Gear Live – GATSO Dragon

I was part of the creative team that brought the GATSO Dragon to life projected in stereoscopic 3D at the MPH show Topgear live . I created all mesh, shaders, textures as well as scene and effects lighting for the GATSO Dragon character and also contributing at the design stage drawing sketches, concept images and assembeling style and reference boards.

We established a work flow to allow for the seamless importing of animation from motion builder applied to a bespoke skeleton in 3DS Max. I choose VRay as our renderer to give a high quality finish to the shaders and lighting in the scene that would also render at speed. Post processing and compositing were done in After Effects and Premier. The animated battle sequences were synced with coreographed live action of the Stig and his two followers performing stunts in the main arena, as well as pyrotechnics to give missiles and gun fire an added punch.

Using floor plans and projection screen size we calculated the ideal virtual camera settings and stereoscopic seperation to give all members of the audience a comfortable enjoyable 3D experience.

I attended three of the shows at Earls Court, London to gauge the audiences reaction, noting a significant number of attendees reacting to the out of screen effects. The sequnce always ended with a huge round of applause from the audience when the Stig triumphed at the end of the Battle.

The model was also sucessfully 3D printed on the ZPrinter 450